Noble Like Bereans Statement of Faith and Declared Agenda is:
  • Unity with The Father, through His Word and the example given by Yashua Ha Mashiach, Deut. 4:10-12
  • Through this process, pursue harmony with our bretheren.
  • Study, research and dialogue on Yah’s Word, The Sacred Scriptures. Psalm 25:12-15


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Step Two

Study Along

Don’t use just one, use multiple copies to cross reference what the text is saying.  We recommend an American Hebrew Lexicon and your bible of choice.  Various concordences are also a good idea.

Step One

Watch the Videos

In order to understand the information, please watch all of the videos in order.  Put aside all your ‘convictions’ and pray.  Then study along with them.  When you’re done, study them again in case you missed something.

Step Three

Get Involved

Get involved with the conversation!  Ask questions and leave comments on our Facebook page.  Read posts and share on your own Facebook page.  Continue to study and make discoveries of your own.

The Latest Articles and Posts


There has been another shake up in the Hebrew Roots community. Another ‘clash of the titans’, another division of opinions that will have followers confused and emotional as the chips fall. There will be high roads taken by a few and new low roads found by others, but...

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The Problem with Modern Calendars

THE PROBLEM WITH MODERN CALENDARS I have been studying religious and secular calendars now for 3 years. From the Israel sighting of the sliver of the moon from Hillel Rabbincal calculations, to the counting of a 13th month found in Ezekiel, I have read them all....

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