The first rule to learning anything…You have to forget everything you think you know. This is a direct violation to The Ego. If you do this, it will be a declaration of war, where the battlefield will be your mind and heart.

That is why any new information is hard to digest. You are tracking along with the information, agreeing with the evidence presented. Then something is said that is in opposition to the narrative that you have bought into.

You know it’s happening. The pit of your core gets all knotty and virtual red flags are waving in your sight. You are taking it personally, as if you were the one doing all those years of digging through evidence to write those books that you gleaned your education from. I introduce you to your Ego.

The problem with egos are, they’re always with us no matter how enlightened we think we are becoming or have become. Unless you have been through a 12 step program or have really read the New Testament, you don’t have an understanding of “burying your cross daily”.

For the AA guys, they sum it up when they all join the WPOS club, (worthless piece of dung, for the sensitivities of others). They realize everyday that no matter how much ‘progress’ they make with their addiction, they are one drink, one puff, one needle away from the bottom. Which is death for them. They have found their Higher Power and they are hanging on to it for dear life. Literally.

‘Believers’ are missing this edict of life. Mostly because of all the set-apartness they are doing in their faith. Maybe they feel entitled to a protective bubble because they are the righteous and therefore they must be in favor somewhere. I am not sure what is in the hearts and minds of men. I just think there is a lot of confidence in self when it comes to faith and not so much in the Father’s power over all.

So how do you learn with this mind set. You don’t. I didn’t. It wasn’t until I figured out that I didn’t have anything figured out that I went back to the beginning.

In the New Testament it talks about asking questions and it will be answered. It doesn’t stop there. It continues with seeking to find. It concludes with knocking and it shall be opened. This is the new directive for my studies from henceforth.

The knocking I discovered wasn’t just to open doors. I also had to knock down strongholds, much like the strongholds from the Christian Church that the family had to extract. Now it was the strongholds of Judaism that had seeped into our faith. It was a natural progression that we all face when leaving Sunday worship to come into Covenant with YHVH. It is said that salvation is with a Jew, right? So why not see what Brother Judah was up too.

We forgot that Judah were the ones that Yahusha was railing against in the back of the Book. Judah never got it right once and was allowed back to the land, only to preserve the Law and Words. They were never directed to add commentary to the Holy Scriptures. Yet many of the traditions that come from the Mishna and Talmud are in the very fabric of Messianic Judaism and the Hebrew Roots movement.

There are thousands of new believers, trying to get into Covenant with the Father and instead are getting swept up by bad teachings from You Tube Ministries and Facebook self-appointed Elders. They are lacking the tools and proper leaders who can show them how to unlock the ‘mysteries’ that have been written for children to understand.

Where does this leave us as a body of believers? Who will pick up the slack? Where can someone new get straight answers or direction? Who is the ultimate interpreter of Scripture?

These are the questions we hope to help others answer through sharing of experience, resources and ideas. Scripture has proven to be consistent, accurate and thorough over again. It has been heard in some circles, that Scripture doesn’t give a full picture of one thing or another, therefore outside sources are needed. THIS IS FALSE.

Here, we ask that you extract your ego, put on your thinking caps, get pen and paper and start learning like a child again. This is the first greatest submission to the Father that any believer can show.

Let the re-learning begin.

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