Like all stories, they need a beginning. Mine has several. It is due to my 20/20 hindsight of seeing His Spirit at work in my life. The beginning I am about to tell, starts right there. ”In the beginning…”

My covenant walk with the Father started in the summer of 2015. Earlier encounters would denote another beginning so we will stick with 2015 story.

Even as a Christian there was always talk about time albeit the ‘end times’. My calendar studies started as a child, listening to the words of Ecclesiastics, and continued to my adulthood, tending my garden by the lunation cycle of the moon. Little did I know what He was orchestrating for me.

In the summer or 2015, I was introduced to Torah by Rob Skiba’s Gen 6 information and a little, hippy dude I met at a new age commune, who wouldn’t commit to Christianity or Judaism. He was happy with the moniker of a ‘’follower of the Way.” I knew at that moment I was transitioning from asking to seeking when it concerned the Father.

A year later, my whole family, decked out in their ztitztits, were heading to our first Sukkot. We were high on our new found island of misfit toys. We had found our tribe and gotten out of Babylon with our heads in tact. We felt truly blessed as a family, even though we had gone through so much change to align our walk with the Father. Not only did we forsake the usual fare of xmess and ishtar we also gave up a business that made a good little coin. It wasn’t going to fit with our new life with YHVH so we gave it up.

This is were my first encounter with the calendar and all the contention it brings at the mention of it. Here we were at the Feasts of In gathering and I am watching two ‘brothers’ argue over conjunction or sliver on Passover. I was so confused. I thought these men were friends. I couldn’t understand the vitriol.

One of the wiser sisters leaned over and said in her sweet Texan lilt, “They do this all the time, pay no attention to them.” I was shocked! Where was the love? I thought these grandpas were men of Yah.

I had much to learn as a newbie Hebrew, and the first order of business was this calendar.

And the first rule of calendar club, is you don’t talk about the calendar.

Well enough was enough. After a couple of years of bouncing from one Passover celebration to another, I decided that not everyone could be right therefore they were all wrong. This last year was the breaking point with the 13th moonthers. We as a family had to know why all the discrepancies.

I had studied all the Hebraic calendars from the Hallel sighted moon, to the floating Sabbath, Enoch calendars. I knew the moon couldn’t be counting anything because it’s lunation couldn’t even reach a 30 day cycle. I had also been gardening by the moon cycles for a few years and knew it wasn’t a lesser light of the night but the stars. How could it be when it was over my shoulder many mornings, tending the garden. If it was the lesser light to rule the night then it was not a faithful servant to that deal.

The problem was I couldn’t tell anyone in my fellowship because they all did something with the moon. Whether it was as innocuous as using it to start your month (which falls into the two categories of conjunction or sliver) or as serious as blowing a shofar at the sight of it and taking a day of rest, everyone in the fellowship followed some kind of moon pattern.

I figured YHVH would just love us where we were at. Little did I know He was planning not only a college level education on His count but also a bit of ‘school of hard knocks’ was thrown into the mix. Either case, I finally got the message and started searching for my family. What did I have to lose? Everyone else made their decision. Plus, if I did find that one of the calendars in my midst was correct then we could celebrate the 2nd witness thing that everyone is looking for.

The Sukkot of 2018 was the tipping point and the year that the calendars collided. Even though there were at least 6 calendars represented people still flocked to the large gathering in Oklahoma. People were craving unity with brethren over His ultimate Truth and Word. Even though the rule was “don’t talk about flat earth, Yeshua’s Godhood, and the calendar, EVERYONE was talking about one of those three items. We just walked around saying to ourselves ‘this is so pagan’, and watched as rotten fruit was dropping on the ground in the form of creepy old, dude cruising my 16 year old daughter and angry housewives scolding my younger daughter.

After Sukkot, I knew two things. 1. The moon had nothing to do with a year or month count as set out in the Torah and, 2. The equinox did have something to do with the beginning of the year. I started studying the Zadok calendar and the Enoch/Zadok calendar, or whatever they are calling it today.

I not only researched the calendar every YouTube ministry has put forth, but I also studied ancient history. Why not? Noah, Abraham and Joseph were ancient. Moses wasn’t that far behind. What were those guys looking at and counting.

The research that I found concerning what the Egyptians were doing at the time of Djoser, the Hykos Pharaoh was jaw dropping. They were on a 360 day, 12 month year count. How could that be? We have more days than that in a solar year. (We have less days than that in a lunar year). Something had happened, but no one seemed to know.

Oh I had heard theories from NASA and the discovery channel and Valikovsky’s theory about a collision that tilted earth’s axis changing the yearly count. Where in Scriptures does that scenario fit in? How does that fit in a flat earth description that Scripture describes?

I shut down on December 8, 2019, when discussing a calendar I was looking into and the friend said to me, “Becky, show me that in Torah.” Unfortunately, the calendar I was promoting relied heavily on extra biblical text and verses that had a little too much ‘interpretation’ by the reader.

He was right. If it doesn’t come from Torah it can’t be my walking papers. I have to constantly keep in alignment with YHVH’s Word and turn around when I see I’m headed the wrong direction.

So here I am, at the cusp of a new Feast Season starting and there is still a dozen calendars and more Passover invitations. The search for the truth has begun and departure from another Babylon is about to commence. Silver goes through several firings before all the dross is eliminated so why would my walk be any different.

There are several things I have learned about Father’s time keeping. The first is that the moon has nothing to do with any time keeping. The second is that it has to be easy enough for a child to do and can’t be controlled by a bunch of Rabbis in the middle east. The third, Time is really important to Abba and therefore it should matter to us.

I hope that others will join me on this quest for HIS ultimate Truth and there we will find unity together in the Father’s will and Spirit.

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