Syncretism: Then and Now




  1. the amalgamation or attempted amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought. “interfaith dialogue can easily slip into syncretism”
  2. the merging of different inflectional varieties of a word during the development of a language.

This is a practice of adaptation, that joins elements of one, or more religions into another. As a result, the basic principles of all religions are fundamentally altered with a common thread.

What we forget, as we read the Scriptures, is that is what the fight has been about all along. Since that moment in the garden in front of the asheroth tree, to the warnings to King Hezekiah, Yah has sent prophet after prophet and finally His Only Begotten Son to set the record straight.

We, who have ‘crossed over’, know it when we see it. Obviously, or we wouldn’t have left the Sunday Church, right?

We recognized the pagan roots of Ishtar in the tradition of Easter. We saw the Saturnalia celebration as the true reason for the X-mas season. We are hyper-vigilant for all things pagan. Some of us have shed birthdays, Thanksgivings and 4th of July’s to make sure our paths are as clean as humanly possible.

So why the doctrinal blindness when it comes to the traditions of brother Judah? Why does it seem like former Christian’s go from the frying pan into the fire when exiting the Sunday worship crowd. Why do so many Sabbath assemblies look like ‘church’? Haven’t we learned the lie of dispensationalism? Why are we still using the modern worship format?

I know we are all looking for community since we are hard wired for herding. Maybe that’s why Yahusha used a lot of sheep references. I know we all think that being set apart is like getting sorted out from the world into the next bio-social grouping but now with a sprinkle of self righteousness.

In our rebellion of all things churchish, we don’t see the pictographs through the commands. We miss the fact that this Covenant requires reading from the believer. Isn’t that what was missing from the worship experience before? Instead we convince ourselves that since we are tuning to you tube ministries and supporting self-appointed elders through purchases of their wares, we have come out of the church and are now on the path to truth.

We forget the picture that Yehusha painted for us through His life and ministry. We saw His blood, red rebellion against the same religious class that we not only support with tax dollars, but allow them to hold the keys to YHVH’s year count. We allow them to tell us when and how to celebrate His feast even in the face of warning after warning.

We forget that both houses were punished and Judah was only preserved for times of the end so that His law and Word would be preserved for His glory. It was Daniel who locked up the Words for an end times regathering of His remnant.

We seek a unity that was never promised by Yehusha. He came with a sword to divide. He asked us to leave behind mother, father, sister and brother. Yet, we expect Him to send His Holy Spirit with some hippy, dippy kumbi ya moment so that we can feel special and holy.

We don’t know the first thing about living set apart, even with the example of the Messiah. We allow doctrines of Talmud and science go before the Word. Set apart-ness is for the One day, the rest we accept to get through the other six days. We have to be in the world after all. What does Abba expect from us? He is the one that put us here.

This is dangerous waters. A storm of great proportions is coming. Many will be swept away with the waves of sopping wet doctrine and traditions of men. The ministers will get fat and increase as the fish in the nets decrease.

The children of Israel continued to make their own rules of how to worship. They just slapped a YHVH sticker on it and sold at His appointments. Isaiah 1:14, Amos 8:10, Malachi 2:3, and Jude 1:12 all attest to a difference between His feast and their feasts.

John’s Gospel speaks to a deviation of what Yehusha’s timing of Feasts and the ‘feast of the Jews’ that is mentioned several times. Yet we hold on fast that salvation will come from the Jews.

Well it doesn’t and neither will the unity we so desperately crave. The only unity we can hope for is one with the Father through His Son. If all of us were in obedience to YHVH, the we would be able to look around and see fellow believer side by side of us. Doing His will. Not Rabbi Sholomo or Pastor Johnson.

It is time for the remnant to finally separate from the traditions and rituals from all sources and open the Scriptures. It is time for the children to quit slapping “Made In YHVH’s Honor” stickers and thinking it will do. It is time for us to get into lock step with His timing and program and separate the lies from His truth.

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