You don’t know me. You can make a general sweep of an assumption that would would pick up a truth or two. I am a Scripture reading, YHVH believing mother of two teenage girls. I am the proud wife of the most wonderful man ever created. I believe in God, family and neighbors, in that order. I am fifty years old and have spent the good part of the last ten years reading and studying the Scriptures for myself. I was raised in a clean eating, Feast keeping, Sabbath honoring household with an intact family and an Oma living with us to boot.

I have been through all kinds of congregational situations in my life, from the Sabbath to the Sunday side. I have seen priest, preachers, teachers, elders, rabbis, deacons and leaders from all persuasion and denomination and they’re all the same.

They want your time and submission. They want you to follow them, and some want your money too. Oh, and the Hebrew Roots guys? They’ll at least hand over a DVD or book as compensation, just like they did in the temple.

Did I go to far already?

Well too bad. I haven’t even started…

Before writing this blog, I was accused of slandering, and taking things ‘out of context.’ This came from another ‘self’ appointed you tube minister. We all know who they are. We all have watched them over the years and even learned a thing or two. Somehow we have bowed to their authority and what they say is gospel.

In fact, in the last month I have had my faith in Yehusha questioned, called a Catholic, accused of not being qualified to speak on Biblical subjects and banned from a Facebook page that promptly was made into a closed group.

What was my crime? Asking questions that they can’t or won’t answer!

Where do these so-called ‘elders’ get the idea that they are in a position to correct the rest of us? And here’s where it gets hard to listen…

…they get that idea from us.

I’ve seen it at gatherings and conferences for the last three years. It’s similar to what Joseph Prince and Joel Olsteen are doing. Unfortunately, these guys feel above that crowd, filled with self-righteousness, since they are Torah compliant. At least that is what they will tell you.

And we all will believe it.

I was recently at a Hebrew Roots conference. It was a mixed bag of teachers, preachers, and researchers. All were ‘pillars’ of the Hebrew Roots movement. What I witnessed was embarrassing. Grown, adult, grandpas cutting in front of the women, waiting in line, to glad hand with the you tube minister of their choice. It was like a Monkey’s concert, circa 1967 but the prepubescent girls were replaced by grown men.

The salutations coming from these gentlemen was short of sweet nothings, like courting boys whispering in their betrothed’s ear. The credit given to these men for saving their relationship with the Father was nauseating. Beware if you have anything contrary to their doctrine to say, or the wrath of their groupies shall befall you.

It was truly mesmerizing and shocking at the same time. I was shocked at seeing myself in these people. My own hive mind, herd instinct-type behavior was shown to me right before my eyes.

You can imagine how appalled this rebellious, anti-establishment part of my ego felt upon understanding this revelation. Shocked isn’t the word…disgusted is. Horrified that I too had taken these men’s words over the word of YHVH.

These men are the spoon feeders that the slothful nature of mine, and other’s flesh, feed upon. Thinking I was gleaning some uber information, that YHVH had downloaded only to them, I watched their weekly sermons or interviews. I had gathered superior knowledge than the regular Bible reader. They were teaching the law so they had to be better than the other side of the road in the Sunday Church. They weren’t grabbing at the national moniker of ‘Jew’ or Judaism and throwing talmud in the mix. Well some do. But not the ones I was following. “Cuz, I is smarter than dat!”

What a joke.

Yeshuha showed us during His ministry, the crooked religious sect, the synagogue of Satan, the destruction of the temple and the scattering of Judah once again, and we still adhere to those temple rites and rituals. We still look to a man who will guide us out of our sin and wretchedness. Not the Son.

He sent the Comforter, Teacher, the Holy Spirit to guide us. He wrote the law on our hearts! What man knows another man’s heart? What man can judge another with no context or knowledge of his journey?

There are two authorities that I have to submit under. Firstly, the Father through the example of His Son, Yahusha. The second is my husband, who was given to me by my Father. Everyone else can use the suggestion box.

Does this mean I am above correction? Absolutely not. Ask my elder girlfriends. All of them have given me corrective advice on one aspect of my walk or another. It was done on an established, solid relationship and given with warm gooey love. Sometimes the advice was taken and adopted and other times it was filed for prayer and future guidance from His Spirit.

I have even been corrected by elder men in our fellowship. They however, respected my husbands role and addressed their concerns to him. My husband and I then reviewed the content of the email, discussed it between us and dealt with it in a manner that had all parties satisfied.

That’s what we do, we check all spirits against the Scripture. If the rebukes are compliant with Torah and the words of the Son then it’s prayerfully considered. Then the Father deals with the behavior.

I have been directly rebuked from the Father. He has my number. He knows how to get a hold of me. He doesn’t need some virtual stranger to do it for Him. But isn’t that just like MAN? Always taken care of business for YHVH. Interfering with everyone’s walk for the Father and paying little attention to their own.

I was accused of this being a rant before it was even written and maybe it is. Maybe it sounds angry. Maybe I sound like I have an issue with the patriarch. Maybe I sound like anti-man.

I would being saying the same thing if all these people were women also. In fact, I believe it was a woman that called me names, told me Enoch was the 6th book of the Torah and then censored and banned me from an open group.

It is the ‘self-appointed’ leadership that is the problem. The blind leading the ones wearing dark sunglasses. It’s the same trouble the children of Israel had over and over again. Even Noah couldn’t stay completely compliant to the Word of YHVH. So why should we be any different?

Yehusha. That’s why. His example is the standard. His way of life is the path that should be sought. His love and patience is the Torah that should be written on our hearts.

Listen, I’m just an ex-punk rock, hairdresser with some college art background. I am not a scholar of proto-semetic text or a publisher of a plethora of books. I haven’t years of research into ancient archaeological digs or decades poring over scrolls of writings long ago. I don’t speak at conferences. I don’t even make you tube videos.

I am the daughter of the Most High though, therefore I am qualified to walk in His path.

I read my Scripture. I study the words. I find witnesses to what the Spirit is showing me. I use logic. I ask questions. I stand on the rock that my Messiah laid as the cornerstone of my life. If I am wrong, be assured that I won’t be accusing any you tube preacher of my sin.

I love my brother too much to make him responsible for my salvation.

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