There has been another shake up in the Hebrew Roots community. Another ‘clash of the titans’, another division of opinions that will have followers confused and emotional as the chips fall. There will be high roads taken by a few and new low roads found by others, but either way those that participate will be showing their slips by the yard.

This topic of contention is one of the big three that are warned against at most large feast gatherings…the sacred name. Like its counterparts of topics forbotten, flat earth and calendar, this topic is usually dealt with by agreeing to disagree and finding unity where it can be found. This time videos have been deleted and deep lines have been drawn in the sand.

All from the leaders that many look to for guidance and to their scholarship for understanding of the Scriptures. Alas the forest is missed for the trees and you end up with a lot of mud thrown and things hitting the fan.

They all have a marketing scheme because they have made the Father’s business into a business out of the Father. Heaven help us all. The niche market they have carved out for themselves and their economic comfort-ability and needs, must be protected, at all loss of character.

This is a toppling of the money changer tables in spiritual parameters. My Mama always said, “The bigger they are they harder they fall.” “Follow the money.” And my all time favorite, “Pride cometh before the fall.”

The ripple effect can be felt through out the internet, as others stand up to the mic to declare their positions of “commentators” and “researchers” to distance themselves from the tsunami of self destruction, as other “commentators” and “researchers” continue to fill the wave with mud.

Is anyone reading the New Testament anymore? Have we wrapped ourselves around each black letter of the first five books of Torah, that we have forgotten the red letters of the first four books of the Brit Hadesha?

There are protocols and procedures that are lined out by the Kingly Priest that are being forgotten or ignored to save an ego here and an ego there.

Who gets hurt in the long run? Who loses out on a potential break through of spiritual proportions? Anyone who isn’t gentle as doves and wise as serpents. Anyone who isn’t a peacemakers. Anyone who doesn’t recognize who his brother is on a daily basis.

The prayer should be for full exposure and continued disclosure of all false prophets large and small. Believers need to have increased discernment for all those walking in His Way, Light and Life. It’s not just the positions or mistakes of these teachers/scholars/talk show hosts/commentators, that need to be scrutinized, but the behavior they exhibit during times of false accusations and discontentment in their communities.

Some choose to answer to a higher calling, chase a Kingly Priesthood, strive to a covenant written on the heart. Others are still struggling with the letter of the stone tablets. The fruit will tell the story in the end.

What the ultimate take away from this current schism should be, is that we have to apply the standards and expectations that we create for the “leadership” to ourselves and the relationships closest to us. The daily interactions between husband and wife, parent and child, and sibling to sibling need to have as much scrutiny and high ground as our King demands of His creation.

This current debacle needs to serve as a lesson for all on ‘how not to act’ when divergent ideas collide between believers. The call should be humility, patience and silence in most cases and let people do what they will do.

We all can serve a purpose for the Kingdom of YHVH, even if it is to serve as an example of what not to do.

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