Noble Like Berean’s statement of faith and declared agenda is:

  • Unity with the Father, through His Word and the example given by Yashua Ha Mashiach. Deut. 4:10-12
  • Through this process, pursue harmony with our brethren.
  • Study, research and dialogue of Yah’s Word, The Sacred Scriptures. Psalm 25:12-15

NLB (Noble Like Bereans) will not tolerate any doctrine that ADDS or TAKES AWAY from the Word of YHVH. We recognize the black letters in the first five books and the Red letters in the New Testament as the walking papersfrom Abba. All other scripture and information MUST fall in line with these Words before being part of doctrine. That includes the writings of Paul and the extra-biblical text, endorsed or not.

NLB do not condone any discussion that involves:

  • Name calling.
  • Attacks on messengers and not messages. Isaiah 32:6
  • Midrashes that foment hatred, resentments, or foster false doctrine. Psalm 50:17, 21-23
  • Please police your feelings. Put your big boy and girl pants on and be adults.

We are seeking His Truth and not man’s or his traditions, thus any position that cannot stand on the Word of Yah as prescribed in Torah and the Ministry of Yashua, NLB will not support.

NLBs main study is the Covenant (Lev. 26:45), and Yah’s scriptural time and count . Acknowledging that without His proper measure of time that all appointed Moedim will be pointless. Our hope is through study and research from the whole body, we will see how easy His yoke is and freedom and blessings will rain on His remnant. Psalms 119:102

NLB recognizes the division, confusion, and control that mans calendars have imposed upon the children of Israel. We know that His Way is not like of any of this. For the last 9 years the goal has been a study of His Word for the answer. Through our pursuit of wholly His Word and His Ways, we would now like to share these findings with others. Our hope is to help others recognize the counterfeit accounting of time that other groups are promoting. Job 38:2

NLB has no leader, but is a collection of the body of Messiah who desires to lend a hand to new covenant-keepers, in a manner that will help prevent them from falling into the ditch on either side of the Narrow Path. We understand where the former Christian is coming from and the attachment to tradition and ritual that adheres to the soul when leaving the church’. Man’s inclination is to herd or group, control and dictate. Psalm 49:12-14. Many react by immediately looking to brother Judah and their traditions, thus falling into the same trap on the other side. Jeremiah 50:6, Ezek. 34:20, Zech. 11:16

We ask Abba Yah the questions and then we’ll seek for the answers, along the way knocking down the strongholds of delusion and opening doors to His truth. We understand that the whole world is under His dominion and will treat it as such. Historical and archaeological evidence will be sought when lining up with Scripture. Psalm 25:2

Through the Spirit, multiply witnesses and ultimately His Words as laid out in the Scriptures, NLB aims to clarify confusion. Our team utilizes various translations as well as the paleo Hebrew in its research. We recognize the discrepancies between the Masoretic and Septuagint texts and will defer to the Septuagint when such discrepancies occur. Jeremiah 8:8

NLB will post from many diverse sources and ministries. This in no way is an endorsement of any organization or ministry. We search for the truth from all sources and maintain what aligns with Torah. If the message is true we will retain that information despite the envelope. We do not endorse nor defer to the use of Talmud or the Mishnah for information. Our conclusion is that Rabbinic writings are consistently in conflict with the Ministry of Yashua and therefore, abstain from referring to those writings. If subscribed members choose to utilize information from those sources we reserve the right not to publish it, unless it is used as an example of what not to do or read.

We will strive to provide an introduction. Our endeavor is to provide information that enables an introduction to the only Shepherd we should be seeking will emerge. Utilizing the videos, PDFs, blogs and conversations in the comments section, we hope that those truly seeking will learn more than anything, discover how to study, read and hear the Word of YHVH.

 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;

I will counsel you with my eye upon you.

Psalms 32:8


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